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" I used to work minimum 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now, with Public Mutual, I work only 7 hours a day and my income is more than my past employment. Also, because my dad was a Public Mutual Consultant for 18 years, my mom inherits my dad’s income and is having a fantastic retirement. It is quite sad to see my mom’s widowed friends have to work to support themselves when their husband passed away "

ex-Tax consultant29 years old

" I have never thought of being treated with a 5-star travelling experience throughout my working life. From the Grand Canyon helicopter ride to submarine ride in Hawaii and the many free yearly trips to Europe or Americas "

ex-Marketing30 years old

" Being a Public Mutual Consultant has help me learn, apply and sharpen my knowledge on money management. I’m glad that now, I know various money management instruments. This career has allow me to earn a good income better than when I was an engineer. I hope that I can help and give opportunity to others to do the same "

ex-Engineer38 years old

" The wish to play an active role in my kids growing years while pursuing a career has brought me into the unit trust business. Over the past 15 years, I have been able to enjoy a good work-life balance while learning and sharing about the importance of financial planning. Knowing that with proper planning, we can all achieve our dreams makes this career all the more meaningful. I enjoy going to work every day! "

ex-Banker48 years old

" I do not need to worry about my cash flow for the next 6 months even if I tender my resignation because I have earn extra income for being a part-time Public Mutual Consultant "

Internal Auditor30 years old

" After 10 years in the insurance business, it was getting tougher and tougher. But, coming into Public Mutual has open new opportunity for me. My existing clients are happy to meet me and giving me referrals as they trust that I can help them grow their wealth "

Insurance agent47 years old

" Even as a part-time Public Mutual Consultant, I’m excited and appreciative of the recognition that I get for my effort which I seldom and do not get in my present job "

Administration Executive42 years old

" I’m a part-time Public Mutual Consultant for the last 5 years while working as a Team leader, System support engineer. It was planned as my second income source and a backup plan in case of retrenchment. 2 year back retrenchment happened and thanks to Public Mutual, I have found a new and interesting life helping people multiply their wealth. Now I juggle my time in unit trust and real estate business "

Real Estate Negotiator/ex-Team leader, System Support Engineer50 years old